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WVSMA Physician Leadership

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From left to right: Linda Nield, MD; Lisa Costello, MD, MPH; Jack Kinder, MD; Shafic Sraj, MD; P. Bradley Hall, MD; Brad Henry, MD; Anne Banfield, MD, FACOG; Suzanne Gharib, MD

*Not Pictured: Larry Dial, MD; Christopher Goode, MD; Sherri Young, DO, FAAP; Ann Murray, MD; Patrick Thomas*

Lisa Costello, MD, MPH


Suzanne Gharib, MD
Vice President

Linda Nield,  MD                                    

Editor-in-Chief, West Virginia Medical Journal

Shafic Sraj, MD

Chair of Leadership

P. Bradley Hall, MD

Council Chairman

Brad Henry, MD

Junior Councilor-at-Large

Jack Kinder, MD

Speaker of the House

Letitia Tierney, MD


Larry Dial, MD

Vice-Speaker of the House

Christopher Goode, MD

Legislative Chair

Sherri Young, DO, FAAP

Senior Councilor-at-Large

Ann Murray, MD

Membership Committee Chair

Patrick Thomas

MSS Representative