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WVSMA Physician Leadership

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From left to right: Linda Nield, MD; Lisa Costello, MD, MPH; Jack Kinder, MD; Shafic Sraj, MD; P. Bradley Hall, MD; Brad Henry, MD; Anne Banfield, MD, FACOG; Suzanne Gharib, MD

*Not Pictured: Larry Dial, MD; Christopher Goode, MD; Sherri Young, DO, FAAP; Ann Murray, MD*

Linda Nield,  MD                                    

Editor-in-Chief, West Virginia Medical Journal

Lisa Costello, MD, MPH


Jack Kinder, MD

Speaker of The House of Delegates

Shafic Sraj, MD


P. Bradley Hall, MD

Council Chairman

Brad Henry, MD

Junior Councilor-at-Large

Anne Banfield, MD, FACOG


Suzanne Gharib, MD


Larry Dial, MD

Vice-Speaker of the House

Christopher Goode, MD

Legislative Chair

Sherri Young, DO, FAAP

Senior Councilor-at-Large

Ann Murray, MD

Membership Committee Chair